Listed below are some services
provided by ABS:
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst’s (BCBA) available for complex behavior programming.
  • 24-hour Doctoral Level clinicians “on-call” for emergencies (no exceptions).
  • Psychiatric diagnosis as part of the behavioral assessment process (when applicable).
  • Corporate Billing Specialist’s available for your company or agency.
  • Certified Addiction Professionals (CAP) available for group interventions (Miami-Dade County only).
  • On-site consulting for Intermediate Care Facilities by – Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals (QMRP’s).
  • Full-time Certified Sexologists that specialize in the DD population.
  • Certified Hypnotherapists available for individual and group sessions.
  • Policy writers with well defined corporate authorship experience.
  • Professionals that can legally “Baker Act” (Florida Mental Health Act) clients in the event of crisis.
Behavior Analysis Services
Applied Behavior Solutions (ABS) utilizes the most current approaches in effective behavior management. A well-trained, dedicated staff with years of experience is available complimented by fully privileged, Behavior Analysts that supervise all complex assessments and maladaptive programming. This helps ensure the best possible behavioral interventions using the highest certified professionals available.
Psychological Services
Some of the unique psychological services provided by ABS are:

  • 24-hour Doctoral Level clinicians are on call for emergencies (no exceptions).
  • Psychiatric diagnosis as part of the intellectual and behavioral assessment process.
  • Use of the latest adaptive behavior tools available. Most of these assessments require a licensed clinician to administer them. (Please ask for further details if you are unsure about this requirement).
Case Management Services

ABS provides comprehensive case management services to individuals, families, and various companies in the health care field. Depending on the specific need, ABS can perform and author tailor-made assessments, and if requested provide in-house case management. Many companies attempt to subcontract with local case management entities once they have earned your support. ABS strongly believes that when this happens pertinent information is lost to include the “hands on approach,” which is deemed so critical at helping ensure adequate service delivery and success.

Policy Construction
Whether you are a Group Home, Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Medicaid, and Medicaid-Waiver provider, or Day Training Program (DTP), Applied Behavior Solutions has a proven track record of developing policies that are effective and representative of the industry. Policy authors will meet with you and your staff and get the necessary details surrounding your needs to formulate a policy consistent with current state and federal guidelines.

ABS uses only the best and most experienced authors available. This allows for efficiency and accuracy when creating your policy. You will get undivided attention and access to all of our resources, making ABS a comprehensive provider and leader in the field.

Consultative Services

ABS provides an electric range of consultative services from Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF’s), oversight and look behinds, to group homes and Day Training Program audits, if you need a policy developed, you’ve found the Company of choice in the health care industry.

Policy authors will meet with you and your staff, acquire the necessary details surrounding your specific needs and formulate a policy consistent with all governing bodies.