Case Management Services

ABS provides comprehensive case management services to individuals, families, and various companies in the health care field. Depending on the specific need, ABS can perform and author tailor-made assessments, and if requested provide in-house case management. Many companies attempt to subcontract with local case management entities once they have earned your support. ABS strongly believes that when this happens pertinent information is lost to include the “hands on approach,” which is deemed so critical at helping ensure adequate service delivery and success.

ABS has Licensed Clinical Social Worker’s (LCSW), with years of experience handling a variety of case management related services. They oversee the program and are available to answer any questions you might have, and in instances, if we don’t know, ABS is committed to researching your question and finding out the answer.

Whether you need one psychosocial assessment or one hundred, ABS is up for the task. Our assessments include psychiatric diagnoses (when applicable), follow-up services, and pre / post counseling if requested.

Important: Always remember some behaviors can present serious and severe consequences. If you or your agency is faced with a situation in which safety is a question, call your local law enforcement agency immediately. All incidents of abuse should be forwarded to 1-800-96-ABUSE. (Your name and personal information may remain confidential).

For the more serious and involved cases, ABS will come to your house, group home, hospital or facility. We can do all of our assessments, interviews, chart reviews, clinical observations and data collection in the client’s natural environment. (From a systems perspective, this is actually a preferred way to determine some of the abstract and underlying issues that may be fueling the problem).