Behavior Analysis Services

Applied Behavior Solutions (ABS) utilizes the most current approaches in effective behavior management. A well-trained, dedicated staff with years of experience is available complimented by fully privileged, Behavior Analysts that supervise all complex assessments and maladaptive programming. This helps ensure the best possible behavioral interventions using the highest certified professionals available.

We serve individuals from all types of backgrounds, levels of cognitive function, and presenting pathology. We speak Spanish, French, and Creole and offer a majority of services in these languages.

Some standard procedures ABS uses when creating a behavior program

  • Development, implementation, graphing, and programmatic reviews.
  • In-service all relevant people responsible for running the intervention, (Transfer of Technology).
  • Parent education and training.
  • Individual counseling. One to one attention with a certified behaviorist.
  • Communication with all relevant health care providers i.e. medical, psychiatric, school counselors, etc. (We try to bring these professionals together so that everyone is on the same page).
  • Review of psychotropic medication, both current and past (when applicable) to ensure therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Direct environmental observation is provided to help determine the specific environmental triggers that may be taking place.

Human behavior is typically multifunctional (under the motivation of more than one influence). ABS will not only accurately define the problem our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that stand the test of time.

Important: Always remember some behaviors can present serious and severe consequences. If you or your agency is faced with a situation in which safety is a question, call your local law enforcement agency immediately. All incidents of abuse should be forwarded to 1-800-96-ABUSE. (Your name and personal information may remain confidential).