Psychological Services

Some of the unique psychological services provided by ABS are:

  • 24-hour Doctoral Level clinicians are on call for emergencies (no exceptions).
  • Psychiatric diagnosis as part of the intellectual and behavioral assessment process.
  • Use of the latest adaptive behavior tools available. Most of these assessments require a licensed clinician to administer them. (Please ask for further details if you are unsure about this requirement).
  • ABS has professionals that are legally capable, and will “Baker Act” (Florida Mental Health Act) clients in the event of a crisis.
  • Certified Sexologists that specialize in the Developmental Disability population.
  • Licensed Hypnotherapists are available for individual and group sessions.
  • Crisis Stabilization Services – If necessary, ABS can provide emergency crisis management either in the home or participating agency. If this service is anticipated, it is imperative you make prior arrangements whenever possible. Up to 3 professionals can be made available to handle even the most severe cases – (Typically, episodes are acute in nature and stabilization can be expected as an eventuality). Most often ABS has seen acute episodes during “Drug Holidays”, which is the removal of psychotropic medication in an effort to better reach optimal therapeutic levels. Cases of poly-pharmacology, in where multiple medications are used concurrently, seem to be an unwanted trend that is finally changing. While necessary in some cases, the ABS philosophy is always the “least restrictive” measure(s) should be given priority. If you, your loved one, or someone you know is planning a “Drug Holiday”, contact an ABS representative or any qualified agency who can handle the potential complications in a safe, controlled environment.